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How I Painted Boy’s Bedroom Geometric Shapes

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How I Painted my Boy’s Bedroom Geometric


When we lived in our old house, we didn’t do a lot of fun painting and decorating to make it ours. I never really had a desire to. Being in a new house that we are thinking will be our forever home gave me the desire to paint, decorate and make the changes I want in a house. My boys’ bedrooms were a top priority for me. We didn’t want them to have plain walls with no color anymore. I like to be a little creative yet still like things to be simple to do so I’m not spending a month working on one bedroom. My son and I scoured Pinterest for ideas for their rooms. We decided didn’t really want any themes as I want them to enjoy their rooms for longer than a couple years when they outgrow a certain phase.

When I painted my oldest son’s room (he was 11 at the time), I let him choose the colors he wanted and let him look through Pinterest with me to pick a design for an accent wall. He chose blue and yellow, his favorite basketball team colors which worked out well because it’s also his school colors.  He chose to have an accent wall with geometric shapes that would be blue and yellow and the other walls all blue. This was my first time doing anything like this, so I didn’t really know what I was doing or how to do it.

Painting the First Wall

Geometric Accent Wall Boy Bedroom
The door is the bedroom, but this is the color his walls started as.

I started with painting the accent wall all yellow. I did one coat of paint and didn’t like it at all. The brand of paint I was using I had used several times but for some reason this time I didn’t like the paint. It was watery and thin.  I let it dry and tried a second coat which went about the same as the first. The starting colors of the walls were beige, not a color that would be hard to cover! I could still see the beige through the two coats of yellow paint. What I thought was going to be a quick project was starting in a bad way. I returned the paint to the store thinking it was maybe a bad can. In had them mix the same color and tried a third coat. This coat covered but it was about the same consistency.  I was so frustrated. I let it be though because I could no longer see the beige.

Taping Shapes

I started by taping the shapes with frog tape painters tape.  Once I got it all taped I looked at it and thought okay now I have it painted yellow and where the tape is also going to be yellow. I wasn’t sure what to do next, didn’t know if I should paint all the open spots blue so just the tape lines were yellow or if I should leave some yellow and they would just look bigger because of the tape lines. Asking my son what he preferred me to do, he said he wanted some shapes yellow.  I didn’t how it was going to turn out and I was a little nervous. Its just paint though, I could change it if we didn’t like it.

Painting Shapes

Geometric Accent Wall
Finished Painting!

I painted some of the shapes in blue and left others.  The blue I used was the same brand of paint as the yellow, but the coverage was much nicer.  I still had to use two coats of paint though.  After I painted the shapes, I painted the other three walls all blue.

Lessons Learned

  • Don’t use yellow paint again!
  • Think about a color I want the tape lines to be, so it gives the shapes a more defined look.
  • Think fully through the process, not just jump in!
  • Take more pictures or the process!

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