Who Said Starting a Blog is Easy!?!?

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Starting a Blog isn’t Quick and Easy

Yes, I am seriously making my very first blog post on my very first blog and website about starting this blog! I’ll start by saying that I have never worked with a website build before, I have never done any kind of tech savvy stuff even close to this before.  However, I have wanted to start a blog for awhile now and finally took the jump to do it.  I did some research and found SO SO SO many articles and blog posts about how EASY it is!  “Only 3 easy steps”, “Takes Just Minutes to be Up and Running” and so on.  But let me tell you, these were so far from the truth!

After a lot of research and planning prior to the “launch.”  I got my domain name(namecheap), signed up for my hosting service(siteground), and installed WordPress.  Thinking that is would all be as easy as that and I could just start writing and posting pictures.  FALSE!  There is so much more to it than just that.  You need a plugin for EVERYTHING!  Let me say, I am not technically challenged and can figure things out pretty quickly, however all these plugin have my head spinning along with all the other things that have come up along the way!

So Many Questions!

Now, the real questions started coming up.  Do I use a free theme or a buy a theme? How do I set up a sign up?  How do I create an email, let alone an email list, Do I use MailChimp or MailerLite?  Once I install one of them, or both, how do I create an email?  How do I get them to interface on my website and working correctly?  How do I compose an email once I have people that sign up for the email?  Speaking of email, how do set up my email I got from my hosting site? How do I get the emails to forward to my regular email?  Next is social media platforms!  What is the best plugin for social media buttons? How do I switch my Pinterest and Instagram accounts to business accounts? How do I add a Facebook business page?  Do I need to start a Twitter account?  Now to add the same picture, name and header to all those platforms.  Oh and get the right pictures and picture qualities right on all those platforms.  Wait, what is a stock photo and why do I need them?  Or should I try and take my own pictures?  What website and plugin do I use for my pictures and media?  How to I make my pictures Pinterest and Instagram ready and start building my brand with them?  How do I put links right into my text?  I also need a Resource page, Privacy Policy and Disclosure page, how do I do all that?!?!

THEN, in all the mess of questions in my head and the countless hours I have spent doing MORE research and building my site, I accidentally launched my site live without even knowing it *facepalm*!

Still Not Many Answers

I am going to keep figuring out all this stuff and I’ll report back with everything along the way, along with the other things that I actually want my blog to be about!  In the mean time, please enjoy the stock photos I’m using from Kayla at Ivory Mix.

I’d love to have a comment section on here but honestly, I’m not sure if I have the comments turned on and set up right.  UGH!

Thank you so much for visiting and letting me vent about my not so “3 easy step” post!




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